Pulse RP has launched! Check it out now.

Pulse RP is a new GTA RP server run by Afro, you may know him as Jacob, Dex or Sayid but he was also the founder of Aftermath RP many years ago. He is not new to development and was one of the minds behind the No Pixel dark web system and their internet / RP websites.

What is the server about? Well in their own words:

Welcome to the end of humanity.
Pulse RP is a Realistic & Chaotic Zombie RP Server: It has been a few days since the outbreak, the city has been overrun with dead, hungry corpses.

You wake up in a fallout shelter surrounded by medical rooms, there is key in your pocket and little supplies.

There will be no time to make friends -- only to survive. Experiences will include crafting, an extensive key system, raid-able public storages, weapon drops, NPC missions and raids to keep you on your toes at all times.


You can check them out at https://pulserp.hasroot.com and if you want to join check out their discord.

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New logo, clip changes and a new way to browse clips (beta).

Skip to the end to go try it now!

So a quick update

Just a short blog, or at least that's the intent but isn't it always.

As is tradition, changes were made then days later a blog about it was posted :p

New Logo

The first thing you may have noticed is we have a new logo, much thanks to Lilly one of our HasRoot team members who has been helping me become a better web developer since Joined Nov 26, 2019.

She has often questioned my designs, given valuable feedback and helped me learn to make cleaner, nicer designs. Without her HasRoot would (and did) look a lot worse. There is still a lot I want to improve but my TODO list is huge.

The old Logo

That being said, the initial logo was horribly made by me when I made our discord. Until then I don't think we even had a logo or any branding.

I designed it to resemble our graphs, use our colours and incorporate the HR theme, via a square root symbol. I did initially try to just make a HR symbol but it looked awful as a favicon. It didn't scale well, I also kept making different versions of it whenever I needed a logo and it was just ugly.

Updated for menubar logo

I liked it a fair amount, and then when I uploaded it to discord of course it then had a circular outline, which I also liked and that made it into the next iterations of the logo, and the favicon.

Updated for menubar logo

The Redesign

So recently I asked Lilly if she would be up for remaking our logo, and I was excited when she agreed. She made a few alternate versions for feedback and admittedly I tried to sabotage her with my 90s old school design sense. We put it to our HasRoot team...

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